The technology is constantly evolving and bringing new surprises. If someone told you ten years ago that you could print a full-sized container, you’d say that’s a silly statement. However, it’s not far from the truth. The 3D printing technology is almost the new industrial revolution; it needs just a couple of years more.

The technology

The most important thing is that the technology is here. 3D printing is the new thing in this business, and it is rapidly advancing. Objects of almost any shape can be printed with this technology. However, the problem emerges when it comes to the size. Even though we have this amazing technology in front of ourselves, it’s not perfect by any means.

The restrictions

When talking about the limits of 3D printing, we cannot skip the size restrictions. Although you can print whatever you want, it cannot be as big as you want. In theory, it can, but it costs a fortune.

When it comes to 3D printing materials, it can be anything from polyamide to ceramic. The most commonly used material is ABS which is used in 3D printers for home use. There is also a question of integrity – would it be sturdy enough to withhold the weight and volume of the junk?

The price

The high price is one of the main reasons why we don’t have fully functional printed dumpsters yet. 3D printing isn’t done with a touch of a button. There are a ton of pre-requisites such as modeling, planning, post-processing, pre-processing, and so on. Whether it’s done by printing parts or the whole thing at once, it’s simply not profitable.

The future

Even though we aren’t able to turn 3D printed containers into a reality just yet, it’s not very far away. In fact, some studies showed that we should see the first projects in the next few years. A few parameters need to get fine-tuned before we decide to start producing printed containers. As we said, the first thing that needs to be done is price regulation. As long as the materials and the whole setup are as expensive as they are, we won’t be able to use printed dumpsters for commercial purposes. However, as soon as it gets regulated, we can expect the first models on the market.

Because the modern technology is improving on a daily basis, it shouldn’t be long until the first prototype.